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Great Online Sales Assessment Tools

If you are a sales director, VP of sales, or CEO stepping in to figure out how your sales team performance relates to the skills, ability, and motivation of the people on your team, today you can select and utilize online sales assessment tools that are available from a variety of different vendors. Here’s what […]

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A Good Sales Recruiter is Worth Its Weight In Gold

Often times we come across companies that are looking to hire sales people but don’t recognize the value of an outside sales recruiter. The reason is because they are experienced hiring managers. Certainly most sales managers, one of their key capabilities is to hire good people, but getting to those people is half the battle. […]

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Patience + Perserverance = New Hire Sucess!

One of our clients right now has a new sales rep who is about 60 days into her job, has a proven track record, and will most certainly get up to speed in this new position. However, this is an industry change for her and her domain knowledge is lacking with respect to this particular […]

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