Cube Management Recruiting Services

Since 2000 Cube Management has been helping companies improve their sales and profits by recruiting top sales and marketing talent. Today we do more than just Sales and Marketing – we do all top Executive level positions, EHS, QA/QC, Engineering and Safety positions as well.   If you’re looking to enhance your operating performance, look to Cube Management’s recruiting team for the proven solution.

Let’s face it — in today’s environment, it’s all about hiring the top talent available on the market.  And you know the available talent pool is short when it comes to truly top producers.  Candidates are no longer willing to make a lateral move and salaries and guarantees are climbing every day.  If you are like most companies, you’ve already cut costs to the bone. The only path to a better bottom line is to grow your top line.

Recruiting To the Top of Your Market and Beyond

Our approach to recruiting is a simple one: We provide you with a critical tune-up in the areas of Strategy, Process and People. We start by assessing your current situation, then build an integrated plan that assures you are selling the right products to the right customers at the right margins with the right people. We roll up our sleeves and work closely with you to implement the required changes until they produce real, measurable results.

Our job doesn’t stop there. Building great sales performance means getting the whole company behind the effort, including senior management, marketing, engineering, IT, operations, HR and finance. That’s why we’ve built a seasoned team who can take a holistic approach to solving the other problems that can get in the way of your success.

The Difference Is In the Recruiting Results

What’s different at the end? The difference is increased sales and profits; clarity of vision and focus; renewed energy, teamwork and confidence. These are just some of the things our clients say about the results they achieve when working with Cube Management.