Our Recruiting Team

Welcome to the Cube Management Recruiting Team.  Our Team is comprised of former  hiring executives who have now become outstanding recruiting partners for our clients.  Each of these recruiters have real world hiring experience in a variety of industries and is waiting to work with you!  They are the best solution to helping you fill  your most challenging recruiting needs.

Wayne CozadView Wayne E. Cozad, II on Linkedin

Wayne E. Cozad, II

Founder & CEO - Port Charlotte, FL

Wayne Cozad has 30+ years of executive-level experience in all aspects of business ownership. From start-ups to growth companies and mature operations, his industry background includes sales and marketing consulting and recruiting, ship repair, industrial fabrication, cable and satellite television, environmental engineering, advertising sales and computer retailing. He has broad management expertise in the areas of corporate strategy, operations management, human resources, finance, information systems, professional services and facilities management.

Barry BacknerView Barry Backner on Linkedin

Barry Backner

Sr. Executive Recruiter - Columbus, OH

Barry Backner has over 30 years of sales and sales management experience in the Information Technology industry. Barry has consistently been Cube Management’s top recruiting professional working with clients looking for sales and marketing professionals in the IT outsourcing, channel development, software applications, Telecom and industrial manufacturing verticals. Barry offers our clients the ability to draw on his many years of experience as a hiring manager and vast industry knowledge making him a top choice as a recruiting partner.

Gayle DonnerView Gayle Donner on Linkedin

Gayle Donner

Sr. Executive Recruiter - Los Angeles, CA

Gayle Donner is an extensively experienced senior level Healthcare / Industrial / Media Executive Recruiter that is goal-oriented with a demonstrated track record of recruiting in many different industries. Gayle’s range of experience includes working with companies from conceptual start-ups to mature organizations.  Gayle is currently working on several EHS positions along with a few Safety roles for major corporations.  She has an extensive network of both experienced candidates, industry recruiting partners and industrial corporations seeking top level EHS and QA/QC talent.

Russ LloydView Russ Lloyd on Linkedin

Russ Lloyd

Sr. Executive Recruiter - Zanesville, OH

Russell J. Lloyd is an experienced senior level Healthcare Executive that is goal-oriented with a demonstrated track record of leadership in many aspects of Healthcare. His range of experience includes working with companies from conceptual start-ups to mature healthcare organizations. Mr. Lloyd has gained his experience through working in various healthcare settings including; hospitals, physician practices, physician hospital organizations, integrated delivery systems, health maintenance organizations, provider networks, long-term care organizations, healthcare claims payors, medical management firms, care coordinating companies, Pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers, and home healthcare agencies.

Lou MakiView Lou Maki on Linkedin

Lou Maki

Sr. Executive Recruiter - Vancouver, WA

Lou Maki has over 30 years of combined sales and recruiting experience. He began his career as a sales executive in the banking industry and technology sectors and for the last 15 years has been successfully recruiting top talent for Information Technology clients across the nation. Lou has developed an outstanding methodology for using his personal sales experiences and recruiting expertise to identify top candidates for our clients.  Lou specialty lies in find and securing top talent for our clients in the software application, both mobile and traditional sectors, as well as, CRM, ERP, and other popular software applications.

Nancy BacknerView Nancy Backner on Linkedin

Nancy Backner

Talent Acquisition Specialist - Columbus, OH

Nancy Backner has over 15 years of entrepreneurial fund raising, sales and IT experience for the Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus Childhood League and the Columbus Decorator Showhouse. She has been responsible for recruiting personnel in all of these positions during her tenure. Nancy is an outstanding judge of talent and provides Cube Management recruiters with resume screening services that allows them to spend their time communicating with only the top candidates applying to each of our individual career opportunities.

HeatherView Heather Winters on Linkedin

Heather Winters

Recruiter - Port Charlotte, FL

Heather Winters uses her outstanding social media networking and administrative skills to increase the effectiveness of the Cube Management recruiting team.  Heather has honed her  ability to source candidates, post positions and screen applicants in a variety of industries and for all levels and job functions.  In today’s competitive recruiting marketplace, it is critical that companies have a strong social media and job board presence.  Heather ensures that Cube Management’s online identity is second to none.

Kristin PodelnykView Kristin Podelnyk on Linkedin

Kristin Podelnyk

Military Placement Specialist - Portland, OR

Kristin Podelnyk is the wife of a former Naval Military Officer and the daughter of Wayne Cozad, Founder and CEO of Cube Management. Kristin is dedicated to helping military officers transition from their active military duty into a rewarding private sector career.