AllMed Healthcare Management – Overture the “B to B” Bargin

The Challenge:Founded in 1995, AllMed Healthcare Management, an independent medical review organization, has grown rapidly since 2002 by investing in sales and marketing. As part of these ongoing efforts, AllMed revamped its website in 2003. Although the company already had 150 clients in 35 states, they didn’t have the budget for traditional print advertising. That’s why AllMed decided to experiment with Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click advertising. Initially, the company launched an in-house campaign but, with inappropriate messaging and poor keyword selection, spent a sizeable amount of money without achieving significant results. AllMed then turned to outside help, retaining Cube Management to handle the company’s AdWords campaign – a move that ultimately achieved tremendous campaign ROI for AllMed. Given the success of the campaign, AllMed remained focused on driving even more targeted traffic to the company’s website (above and beyond AdWords) and once again turned to Cube for assistance.

The Solution:

The professionals at Cube quickly stepped in to create and implement an Overture Pay-Per-Click campaign for the company. Web stats had shown that AllMed was not reaching a healthy enough portion of the web-searching public (including people who use Yahoo and MSN as their search engines) through AdWords alone. Cube understood that the widely held perception of Overture as a “Consumer” search engine meant that “Business to Business” bids at Overture could actually be a great bargain. By advertising on both Overture and AdWords, AllMed would reach nearly all of its targeted market.

The Outcome:

AllMed’s Overture Pay-Per-Click campaign was launched in August 2004. A natural increase in AdWords traffic combined with the new Overture campaign led AllMed to receive nearly double the Pay-Per-Click traffic for August, compared to July, at 1/3 less cost per click. AllMed staff members are happy to acknowledge that an Overture Pay-Per-Click campaign led to an increase in business. “Prospects who click-thru to our site are the types of targeted leads that we need and want. We gladly pay Overture to drive these interested prospects to our site – and the strong ROI doesn’t hurt either,” says Kenny Boyett, AllMed Sales Manager.

About AllMed:

Founded in 1995, AllMed is a URAC-accredited Independent Review Organization (IRO), providing peer review services to leading hospital groups and medical facilities nationwide. AllMed also provides independent medical reviews to insurance payers, providers, TPAs and claims managers. AllMed’s growing customer base includes premier organizations, such as Educator’s Mutual Life, IMS Managed Care, Tenet Healthcare Corporation, HealthGuard, several Blue Cross Blue Shield organizations, TriWest Healthcare Alliance, Allianz and many other leading healthcare payers.

About Cube Management:

Cube Management provides sales acceleration services to emerging growth and mid-market companies in the technology, manufacturing, healthcare and business service sectors. The experts at Cube work across the entire spectrum of marketing, sales and business development to provide customized solutions that drive revenue and profit growth. Cube combines Strategy, Process & People to produce winning results.

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