Ansur Saddlery Ltd – Requires Interim Management

I was President, Director and shareholder of Ansur Saddlery Ltd based in Washington State for six years. In the summer of 2005 a share holder/director dispute developed that was truly of an ugly nature. At the time there appeared to be absolutely no resolve between the parties and things were in deadlock with law suits and counter suits being brought about by all parties.

Wayne Cozad of Cube Management was brought in to act as Chief Operating Officer and to bring about some sort of resolve to the issues that were tearing apart the company.

Mr. Cozad was brought to the company by the opposing parties and frankly at first I was uncertain of his ability to act in a neutral manner. My fears were completely and totally unfounded. Never once did Wayne make a decision or carry out an action that was not in the best interest of the company as a whole. His choices and system of management were unwavering in his drive to work for the benefit of everyone involved.

When a satisfactory resolution was achieved, I sold my shares in Ansur and created this new company. I would have absolutely no hesitation in calling on Cube Management should we ever require that type of service. I would certainly recommend the skill and talent of Wayne Cozad to any other individual or Company.


Peter Decosemo
(Chairman of Total Saddle Solutions)

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