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You will learn how to:

  • Utilize Resume Distribution Services
  • Pick the best On-Line Job Boards
  • Use "Key Words" in your resume
  • Create an Effective Web 2.0 Strategy
  • Track your progress
  • Write a Resume that will become your “TICKET TO AN INTERVIEW”

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Here, in more specific detail is what this process includes:

  • Resume Distribution Services
  • How Do They Work
  • Why Should I Use Them
  • What Makes Them Different
  • Are There Any Guarantees

  • On-Line Job Boards
  • How Do They Work
  • Why Should I Use Them
  • How Many is Too Many
  • Are They Worth Paying For

  • Effective On-Line Strategy
  • What is the Secret
  • An Example Strategy
  • Live Key Links

  • Worksheets
  • Resume Distribution Services Used
  • Job Board Control Sheet


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