Eid Passport Shifts Market Focus & Accelerates Sales

When Eid Passport, Inc. made the decision to shift its primary focus from commercial to military markets, the company turned to Cube Management for help in realigning its sales process and team to execute its new marketing strategy.

Today, the Beaverton, Oregon-based company is a leading access management solution provider that deploys cutting-edge technologies and services to help facility operators manage security, while ensuring complete screening of all vendor and contractor employees.

Initially, Eid’s go-to-market strategy was focused on large-box retailers. But after landing a large pilot program with the U.S. military, the organization’s management decided to rethink this approach. The company chose to focus on a market opportunity that was a better fit with its capabilities, and subsequently turned its sights on more than 300 major federal installations throughout the United States.

When Eid approached Cube Management in March 2004, the company had already begun its first project at a major military base in the Pacific Northwest. Although this development looked promising, customer adoption was moving too slowly. The company’s sales process needed better definition. Its initial CRM system installation did not align with its new selling model.   What’s more, Eid needed a new in-house sales team, which meant new personnel, training and focused supervision.

Eid’s management recognized that outside help was needed to facilitate the significant changes that would put the organization on track toward hitting its revenue goals. And they knew they needed to accomplish these changes in very short order.

A cross-functional team from Cube Management went to work on performing several key tasks:

  • A repeatable and scalable sales process was defined, developed and documented to optimize market adoption and reduce the sales cycle.
  • The company’s chosen CRM platform, Salesforce.com, was customized and integrated with the sales process to ensure proper task management, workflow and pipeline tracking.
  • An automated dashboard was put together which gives management daily updates on both sales and forecasting data.
  • The telesales team was created and supervised by Cube Management for a period of four months. During that time, a complete overhaul was performed, including assessment, hiring, goal setting, call flow, training, incentive program development and team building.
  • A Director of Vendor Sales was recruited and hired to take over the management of the newly revamped team, and drive the new sales process.
  • Cube worked closely to thoroughly document all processes and ensure a seamless transition and hand-off of the new system to Eid management.

Despite aggressive goals, this transformation effort was completed on time and within Eid’s original budget.

“We’re delighted with the results that Cube Management helped us achieve on this essential project,” commented Ed Hahn, Eid’s President & CEO. “With their help, we were able to accelerate our sales and set the foundation for achieving our aggressive goals for revenue growth. The Cube team came in, rolled up their sleeves, worked closely with our team, and successfully managed us through a critical change in our business focus. As a result of their hands-on approach and skilled input, we recently celebrated our 500th customer sign-up, which is a major milestone for our company.”

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