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The Sales Champ

In an article that Software Advice recently published, the Champ (and the Chip) is one of four personality types analyzed in their series, Psychological Profiles of the Dream Team. This personality profile identifies the characteristics of the top sales performer every sales team needs, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to hire more of them. […]

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Sales And Marketing Recruiting Business Growing Rapidly

Here at Cube Management the demand for our recruiting services has risen rapidly over the last several months, and we expect for it to continue to grow. Why? Many of our clients have a hard time finding and retaining top sales talent. So we’re focusing on helping them through that process as an engine for […]

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What Employers Look For In Salespeople

We’ve talked a lot about how the economy is hot right now and we’re in a full employment situation, and the fact is that what employers are looking for right now in good salespeople is having a strong “hunter” profile. There are lots of different types of sales profiles out there, but the individual who […]

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Assigning Sales Interview Homework

Here are some of the tasks that you can easily assign to a salesperson to follow up on: One task can be to assign them the task of developing a sales achievement history and sending it to you via email. A sales achievement history should list their annual sales quota and achievement against that quota […]

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Linking Performance to Company Values

Intel corporate values include risk taking, discipline, and results orientation. These are exactly the values one would expect of a company whose primary strategy is one of product leadership. Without these specific company values the product leadership strategy would surely fail. In firms where the values and the strategy are tested daily it requires management […]

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CRM / SFA That Accelerates Sales The Sales Process Integration Approach

Has your company struggled with Sales Force Automation (SFA) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software? If so, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that between 65 and 80 percent of all system implementations end in failure*. Sales people don’t like working with software, and each rep uses the system differently. Customer/prospect data is inconsistent and poorly […]

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Beyond Traditional Marcom Building Marketing That Sells

When the word “marketing” comes up, most people immediately think of fancy ad campaigns and big budgets. They may make you feel good, but in today’s economy, most companies can only afford to spend money on marketing programs that actually drive sales leads in the door. A tightly focused “guerrilla” marketing program, when done right, […]

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Great Online Sales Assessment Tools

If you are a sales director, VP of sales, or CEO stepping in to figure out how your sales team performance relates to the skills, ability, and motivation of the people on your team, today you can select and utilize online sales assessment tools that are available from a variety of different vendors. Here’s what […]

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