IT Outsourcing Recruiting

For years Cube Management has been recognized as a national leader specializing in the sourcing, screening and securing of top IT Outsourcing talent for our clients. As a result, candidates seek us out requesting assistance in their IT Outsourcing career move. Our candidate database contains thousands of the top IT Outsourcing professionals waiting to hear about an outstanding career opportunity. In addition, we have one of the strongest referral networks in the industry. If we can’t find the candidate you are seeking one of our network recruiting partners are sure to know someone that fits your opportunity.

Your most effective search outcome will be obtained from a professional with the industry knowledge and hiring experience to deliver you an effective IT Outsourcing sales professional ideal for the position.

If your current requirement is to add an IT Outsourcing sales professional with a base salary in excess of $50k per year, Cube Management’s recruiters will work with you to source, screen, select and secure the top talent available.

IT Outsourcing Sales is A Specialty of Ours

So if your looking to capture a portion of the growing IT Outsourcing market you need to know that your sales force, client services personnel and implementation teams are the best in the industry. Understanding this complex, sales, customer service and implementation market is tough and few recruiters specialize in find the right mix of “Hunters”, “Farmers” and “Deliverers”.. Contact our recruiters now

Sales & Marketing Are A Focus Area For Us

At Cube Management, we take the guesswork out of making critical sales hires that are essential to achieving business success. We know sales and marketing — it’s a focus area for us.  We have years of proven success in building and leading winning teams, in technology, manufacturing, healthcare and business services. We use industry Best Practices to consistently deliver “A” players who take can take your company from “also ran” to “market leader.”

Building A Strong Foundation

We start by going in-depth to understand your company, business model, culture, markets, competition, and sales and marketing processes. We craft candidate profiles, job descriptions and interviewing guides that get to the heart of critical elements that will determine success for your business. We also build a “story” about the job opportunity that will attract the best people to your company.

The Right Tools For Each Job

Once we’ve identified the right profile for your positions, we use proven methods to identify and approach leading candidates. We research and target specific companies and candidates, through a combination of focused communications, networking, and direct approaches. We’re also in constant contact with top performers, subscribe to online search tools and maintain our own extensive network and talent database.

“A” Level IT Outsourcing Players Only, Please

Once we’ve attracted top candidates to your opportunity, we use rigorous behavioral interviewing, performance data gathering and profiling techniques to fully qualify candidates for each position. We assign “homework” and closely watch how they behave through the interviewing process, which is a good predictor of how they will perform once they come to work for you. Our multi-phased process is designed to make sure that only top performers get through it. By the time we deliver candidates to you, they are fully vetted and suitable for hire.

Contact us today and allow our IT Outsourcing Recruiters find the talent you seek.