Career Search Focused With a Well Defined Career Objective

If you have just started your career search and you are a top sales and marketing producer at the executive, mid-level, or frontline, and actively in a career search, make sure that you have a laser focus in your resume on what your career objective is.  Spell out exactly the ideal job you are looking for at the front of your resume in succinct terms so that anybody who sees your resume understands exactly what you’re career search is, why you would fit the opportunity that they are screening for, and how they can help you in your career search.

A good career objective includes the following elements: position, title, size of company, industry focus, duties and responsibilities, and overall cultural fit. By spelling out these elements, in clear, succinct, short sentences, you’ll be doing yourself a great favor. Most recruiters and people who are looking for talent are really trying to figure out who lines up exactly with their requirements. They are trying to do a quick screen and a job match. By giving people a precise idea of what your career objective is and how it lines up with your experience; you will be setting yourself apart from most resumes which define their skills in very broad terms. Likewise, by doing this you’ll also be able to get much better help from your colleagues and associates in your career search when you are out networking, looking for that next job and looking for referrals to that next job.

Why Focus your Career Search?

Because people who you meet with to network are usually happy to help, but they need to know exactly what you are looking for, and you need to paint a picture for them in their mind that gives them a precise idea of the ideal situation that you’d be looking for in a new company. If you do that, and when you do that right, well connected people who are trying to help you will immediately know who to send you on to who might be able to help you land the job of your dream. Make sure your career objective is very well focused on your resume and that it covers the essential elements of your ideal job scenario. If you do this well, what are the chances that you’ll get that ideal job? Well, a lot better than if you don’t do this right.

To learn more about how to laser focus your career search visit our candidate resource page.

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