Great Online Sales Assessment Tools

If you are a sales director, VP of sales, or CEO stepping in to figure out how your sales team performance relates to the skills, ability, and motivation of the people on your team, today you can select and utilize online sales assessment tools that are available from a variety of different vendors. Here’s what you need to know about them:

1. Make sure that you look for a sales assessment tool that has a statistically validity sampling and has proven correlation between the assessment and the actual performance of the sales people who have used it.

2. Make sure that the assessment tool requires that you provide a detailed profile of the exact sales positions that you are rating in terms of sales cycle, competitive environment, size of sale, competition, account management vs. hunter, etc.

3. Make sure that the sales assessment tool provides you with a clear understanding of whether or not each sales rep can and will sell for your company. Do they have the underlying motivation, skill, and ability in order to get the job done?

4. Make sure that the sales assessment tool also provides an overview of your entire sales team. This is important because evaluating the skills of each individual is only the first step towards looking at overall team performance assessment. Make sure the software is able to integrate all of those different sales team members into a holistic look at your sales team.

5. Make sure the online assessment tool assesses management as well. You have individual contributors and you have managers in a sales team and you can’t assess the performance of one without understanding the characteristics of another and how they interact.

6. Make sure that your tool is bundled with an expert who is capable of providing you with interpretations of the reports themselves as well as consulting services to set up, execute, and analyze the results of the tool. The consultant that you select should be a sales consultant with a depth of experience and training on the use of the tool. That’s absolutely critical in being successful.

7. The tool also needs to be able to provide you with a punch list and recommendation of sales training topics that could be used to enhance the skills of your sales team.

The online sales assessment tool that we highly recommend is from¬†Objective Management¬†This tool has the complete capability to provide the sort of performance measurement that you need in order to understand whether or not your sales team is working at peak performance and what sort of training and or skills upgrades you need to be focusing on in order to get your sales team’s performance to the next level.

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