How to improve your job search if you’re a top sales and marketing executive (Part 2)

Always prepare a clear profile of the kind of company that you’re looking for, both in terms of size and culture. Do you want to work for a big company? Or do you want to work for a smaller, start-up or entrepreneurial-oriented business. Those two environments are completely different. Clearly it’s difficult to help somebody look for a job in a large company if all they’ve done is work for small businesses in the past, or vise versa. So make sure to define the size of the company as a key parameter.

Also, do you want business to business sales and marketing or business to consumer? It’s important to articulate the selling channels and end users for the products or services of the company that you’d like to work with.

What sort of sales and marketing channels should your target employer have? Direct, or indirect? Is your experience in direct sales and direct marketing to end users, or is your experience working through third party channel partners and resellers? Finally, what sort of growth opportunity are you looking for, and what are your long term goals?

These are all the kinds of things that are very important for you to think through before you start your job search. If you do this first, you’ll find that the job will be a lot easier. Why? Because individuals who you contact will know exactly what you’re looking for and it will give them a clear idea of who they can send you to, and what kinds of opportunities they should be thinking about on your behalf.

Candidates who come to me with no clear understanding of where they’re going and what they want are candidates that I can’t very easily help. Candidates that have a clearly articulated understanding of where they’re going and what they want are the ones that I can send to the right people. So, if you’re interested in getting help from others, remember they want to help you, but you need to help them to help you by clearly articulating what it is that you’re looking for.

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