Local College Start-up Seeks Business and Market Strategic Plan

When the steering committee of the newly formed Columbia College of Construction Technology (CCCT) needed assistance in developing both a Business and Market Strategic Plan, they called on Cube Management to lead their efforts.


A collaboration of individuals from Associated General Contractors, Associated Builders and Contractors, the Home Builders Association of Portland, the National Utility Contractors Association of Oregon and SW Washington and several local contractors joined together last year to design CCCT, a local college offering training, education and job placement services designed to meet the specialized needs of the construction industry. CCCT is slated to begin classes in the fall of 2005.

Wayne Cozad, Cube Management’s Founder and Managing Partner, and Kevin Joyce, Strategic Marketing Practice Leader, stepped in and conducted a series of sessions with CCCT’s steering committee to determine the right market facing and strategic business planning activities necessary to ensuring the successful formation of the college.

Market Segmentation Plan Development

The Market Segmentation Planning process developed by Cube Management helped the committee identify all potential customers, both internal and external, outline their requirements and the benefits they seek, examine the competition, and develop comprehensive strategies for obtaining market share and measuring the effectiveness of specific targeted campaigns.

The goal? To establish marketing strategies that allow the college to maximize the use of its limited initial marketing resources, while providing a clear road map for winning in those markets and producing the greatest ROI.

Strategic Business Plan Development

Next, Cube Management developed a comprehensive Strategic Business Plan establishing the value proposition offered to each of the college’s market segments. This plan not only outlined the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the organization, but also examined the college’s ability to deliver on its value propositions. Through a series of interactive exercises facilitated by Cube Management, the committee was able to identify key operational issues and define the operational culture desired.

With Cube Management’s help, the committee also examined the level of staffing required, instructor and administrative staff skill sets needed, detailed financial projections, as well as requirements for the physical structure and land resources. What’s more, key milestones and schedules were established, and risks/critical success factors of the organization were assessed and documented.

“This planning process was the best thing we could have done!” commented Dan Graham of Associated General Contractors. “We now have a very well-defined road map that will help us make this exciting new business and educational opportunity a resounding success. Cube Management did an outstanding job of designing a program that specifically met our needs, while professionally facilitating and documenting the entire exercise.”

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