Marketing Your Employment Skills In The Internet Age

In today’s day and age, using the power of the internet to market yourself is an absolute must. Many candidates fail to recognize the tremendous power that is possible to be gained from using online marketing techniques in order to place their resumes and gain potential visibility from would-be searchers. The starting point to this is making sure that you’ve got your resume placed on all of the major job boards, including Monster,, Yahoo Hot Jobs, Career Builder etc. Recruiters subscribe to these databases and do boolean and keyword searches in order to find the best candidates that meet their search criteria. If you are interested in getting a job and a great job and finding the best possible opportunities out there, you’e got to be listed on all of the databases where the good recruiting people search. If you don’t, you’re going to miss the opportunities that you’re looking for.

Here’s another idea: consider building your own personal website – one that focuses on you! It’s very easy to build an online resume these days, using standard web tools and hosting (iWeb and .MAC are a great combo if you are a MAC user, but many other tools exist). You can have pages dedicated to your career history, testimonials and letters of recommendations from previous employers, a graph that showcases your sales achievement history, links to former companies, websites that you built, etc. What an impressive way to highlight your skills, and set you apart from the rest of the crowd!

How about subscribing to a social networking program, such as LinkedIn? It’s a great way to build your online career profile and create ongoing connections with former colleagues and people in your network. It’s also a great way to seek introductions to people who can help you find your next great job.

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