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Kristin Podelnyk

Military Placement Specialist Portland, OR

Kristin Podelnyk is the wife of a former Naval Military Officer and the daughter of Wayne Cozad, Founder and CEO of Cube Management.  Kristin is dedicated to helping military officers transition from their active military duty into a rewarding private sector career.  Many of our outstanding military officers have difficulty crossing over to the private sector because the general population does not understand the jargon used by the military and Military Officers do not really know how to translate their military careers into private sector job functions.  As a result, many former Military Officers are accepting private sector jobs well below their current pay grades and having to re-establish themselves in the private sector.

With Cube Management’s assistance both Military Officers and potential employers better understand the true value each has to offer the other.  This  results in stronger career satisfaction for our veterans and more a productive worker our client companies.

Cube Management has been one of the leading sales and marketing firms recruiting top talent since 2000. Our recruiters are not just recruiters by trade, they are all former hiring executives, just like yourself. They have built their careers on sourcing, screening and securing the top executive level talent available for their former employers and now they are ready to do the same for you and your organization. See what a difference it makes when working with “peers” rather than “recruiters”. Whether you are looking for executive level, accounting, sales, marketing, EHS, safety, QA/QC, product management, or engineering candidates, you’ve come to the right place!

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