Skyward Construction – Go-to-Market Strategy


Founded in 1997 Skyward Construction, Inc. had grown quickly to become a mid-sized general contractor. Business was a mix of public and private construction projects when Bryan Ward contacted Cube Management. Bryan knew that customers valued his company’s ability to finish jobs on time and on budget; and he wanted to accelerate his sales into the private sector. It was time to formalize the sales process.

“In the past, the project managers have been the ones to look for and find new projects and customers, which took them away from their regular roles of managing projects,” says Ward. “I realized that we are experts at construction, but not at marketing and selling ourselves. We invited Cube Management in to help us set up the sales function and prepare the sales strategy, processes, and people so our sales efforts would produce immediate results.”

To that end, Cube Management prepared the go-to-market strategy, the messaging, the lead development call flow process, CRM tracking, customer testimonials, website content, hired and trained a sales person, and managed the entire process until it was up and running smoothly. “Cube Management helped us find the right sales person, and provide him with the materials and training to become effective immediately,” continues Ward. “The program paid for itself within 6 months and there is now about $20,000,000 worth of potential projects in the sales pipeline based on these new efforts.”

Scope of Work

  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Marketing Communications Refresh
  • Lead Development Program
  • Sales Process Integration and CRM System Implementation
  • Sales Management Hiring and Coaching

“Cube Management’s greatest asset is their ability to implement an integrated marketing and sales process that leads to increased sales. They had our new sales process operational very quickly and it has already brought in business faster than I anticipated.”

Bryan Ward, Founder Skyward Construction Inc.


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