What Is Good Internet Marketing?

If your company is considering investing in internet marketing activities, and on the verge of hiring somebody to take over this effort, here is a quick list of the types of responsibilities that you should be thinking of for their job description:

– Email Marketing
– Search Engine Optimization
– Pay Per Click Campaign Management (Google, MSN, Yahoo)
– Web analytics
– Blogging
– Link Building
– Text Optimization
– Syndication of Content (from your website onto other websites)
– Graphic Website Development
– Copy writing

These are all a part of the arsenal you should be thinking about building when you do Internet marketing. In addition to all of these activities, there is a healthy dose of campaign planning, budgeting, tracking, and management that goes along with effectively managing these activities. If you are thinking about hiring an internet marketing specialist, make sure that you get somebody who has a span of skill sets which include the following:

– HTML and Web Design
– Email Platform Experience
– Database Entry
– Quantitative Analysis
– Spreadsheet Skills
– CRM Abilities
– Analytical Skills
– Project Management Abilities
– Written Communication Abilities (including the ability to write marketing copy)

Those are the kinds of core skills you should be looking for in an Internet marketing specialist.

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