Why Internal Leads Development Departments Fail

In our last issue, I suggested….ok, strongly recommended that the best way to build sales is by adding inside lead generation to make outside sales reps more productive. That recommendation sometimes yields the response “we tried it and it didn’t work..” Upon further investigation, we discover that their failure were a result of poor execution.

So why did these companies fail? The thinking goes that with all the unemployed people, it should be easy to hire a telemarketer with experience in generating leads. Then, put them in a remote corner alone (so they don’t bother other workers) and give them a script to read to anyone who answers their misguided calls. Or worse, if the person is experienced, expect THEM to set up the process and call flow themselves with minimal supervision or assistance. For tracking, just give them an Excel spread sheet so they can make tick marks. Lists or targets? Typically an after thought. In EVERY failure I have seen, management made one or more of the above errors.

12 Ways to Insure Success

  • Develop a solid process first
  • Implement a Client Relationship Manager(CRM) tool that matches your business processes
  • Don’t hire a sales representative with experience and expect them to know how to set up a process from scratch
  • Provide adequate training, coaching,guidance and monitoring; don’t isolate that your sales person in the corner alone and tell them to generate leads
  • Strategize with the new sales person with how to approach each target
  • Develop a call flow, not a script
  • Refer to them and treat them as a Business Development professional, not a “telemarketer”
  • Pay them well
  • Define the targets and how to reach those targets
  • Set the database up correctly
  •  Track the right information
  • Manage to the process and metrics

When the lock on my front door broke, I figured I could save money by fixing it myself. Not only did I have to pay for the locksmith’s visit, I had to pay for a new lock to replace the one I broke. Often, what appears to be the least expensive option ends up being the most costly. In summary, lead development success boils down to having the right people, with the right process, calling the right targets, with the right message…and knowing HOW to ensure you have these basics covered.

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