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Wayne E. Cozad, II

Founder & CEO Port Charlotte, FL

Wayne Cozad has 30 years of executive-level experience in all aspects of business ownership. From start-ups to growth companies and mature operations, his industry background includes ship repair, industrial fabrication, cable and satellite television, environmental engineering and computer retailing. Wayne Cozad has broad management expertise in the areas of corporate strategy, operations management, human resources, finance, information systems, professional services and facilities management.

From 1995 to 2000, Wayne Cozad served as Shareholder and Senior Vice President of Cascade General in Portland, Oregon. Wayne Cozad participated in the acquisition and turnaround of the company in 1995, when it was $35 million in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy.  His leadership in upgrading and modernizing the facility and workforce helped the company grow from $44 million to over $110 million in average annual revenues, and emerge as the US market leader.

From 1990 to 1995, Wayne Cozad was Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer of Associated Environmental, an engineering services company that grew from a single  location in Atlanta, Georgia to a regional leader with operations in five states. Clients included Fortune 100 companies (BP Oil, Unocal, Chevron, CSX Transportation, Goodyear Tire and Rubber) and major financial institutions.

From 1985 to 1990, Wayne Cozad was the Founder and CEO of CoComm, Inc. a leading computer retailer specializing in the leasing, sale and service of new and used personal  computers and peripherals, as well as software training and custom database design services. Clients included both corporate accounts and individuals.

From 1983 to 1985, Wayne Cozad served as Regional Manager for Group W Satellite Communications, selling satellite-delivered cable television programming to independently owned cable TV operators and large national multiple system operators.  Wayne Cozad was also responsible for selling national advertising time on several networks to advertising agencies and corporate clients in the same region.  He secured one of the largest cable television advertising and promotional campaign contracts and helped pioneer the establishment of the company’s national cable advertising business.

From 1981 to 1983, Wayne Cozad served as Marketing Manager for Rogers Cable Systems, Inc. and was responsible for the start-up of a “state-of-the-art” fully addressable home Cable TV franchise in Portland, Oregon.  His responsibilities included: satellite service provider contract negotiations, direct mail, customer service/billing computer system implementation, hiring and training of direct sales and customer service representatives, media/advertising planning, and financial budgeting.

Wayne Cozad started his career as an Assistant Vice President for Continental Cablevision of St Louis, Inc. He was responsible for trend analysis of marketing campaigns, subscriber churn, new system build-out progress and financial cost analysis. Wayne Cozad assisted in local franchising campaigns in over 30 local municipalities

Wayne Cozad holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Miami University in Oxford Ohio. He is involved in a variety of community leadership activities. He serves, as the President of the Swan Island Business Association, is an active member of the downtown Portland Rotary Club, The River Economic Advisory Board and Business For Clean Rivers committees


The Sellwood Medical Clinic began treating patients on January 2, 2003 in the newly renovated Robert Sellwood Home on the corner of 13th Avenue and Harney Street in the heart of downtown Sellwood.  Cube Founder and Managing Partner, Wayne Cozad worked with us to create a facility renovation reminiscent of a Marcus Welby, MD set location.  The historic home has a waiting room with a real working fireplace and wood paneled walls allowing the clinic to feel more like a home than many of the sterile office based clinics of today.

Wayne Cozad provided initial financial projections, employee recruiting, facility site selection, facility layout design, secured equipment financing, evaluated and secured computer billing, scheduling and networking software, and has provided daily operational and financial supervision and over-sight.  After three months of treating patients, the clinic is operating at breakeven and our patients are overwhelmed by the comfort and easy-going atmosphere that has been created in this historic style family practice health clinic.

Charles Goldberg, MD
Sellwood Medical Clinic

Cube Management developed a comprehensive Strategic Business Plan establishing the value proposition offered to each of the college’s market segments. This plan not only outlined the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the organization, but also examined the college’s ability to deliver on its value propositions. Through a series of interactive exercises facilitated by Wayne Cozad, the committee was able to identify key operational issues and define the operational culture desired.

With Wayne Cozad’s help, the committee also examined the level of staffing required, instructor and administrative staff skill sets needed, detailed financial projections, as well as requirements for the physical structure and land resources. What’s more, key milestones and schedules were established, and risks/critical success factors of the organization were assessed and documented.

“This planning process was the best thing we could have done!” commented Dan Graham of Associated General Contractors. “We now have a very well-defined road map that will help us make this exciting new business and educational opportunity a resounding success. Wayne Cozad did an outstanding job of designing a program that specifically met our needs, while professionally facilitating and documenting the entire exercise.”

Dan Graham
President & CEO
Northwest College of Construction

“I was President, Director and shareholder of Ansur Saddlery Ltd based in Washington State for six years. In the summer of 2005, a share holder/director dispute developed that was truly of an ugly nature. At the time, there appeared to be absolutely no resolve between the parties and things were in deadlock with lawsuits and counter suits being brought about by all parties.

Wayne Cozad of Cube Management was brought in to act as Chief Operating Officer and to bring about some sort of resolve to the issues that were tearing apart the company.

The opposing parties brought Wayne Cozad to the company and frankly, at first I was uncertain of his ability to act in a neutral manner. My fears were completely and totally unfounded. Never once did Wayne Cozad make a decision or carry out an action that was not in the best interest of the company as a whole. His choices and system of management were unwavering in his drive to work for the benefit of everyone involved.

When a satisfactory resolution was achieved, I sold my shares in Ansur and created this new company. I would have absolutely no hesitation in calling on Cube Management should we ever require that type of service. I would certainly recommend the skill and talent of Wayne Cozad to any other individual or Company.”

Peter Decosemo
Chairman of Total Saddle Solutions

“I have been privileged to work closely with Wayne Cozad and Carolyn Magura for many years in the area of human resources and labor relations. They are consummate professionals who are experienced, tough, compassionate and practical. When you partner with Wayne and Carolyn, you are in the best possible hands.”

Victor J. Kisch, Attorney at Law, Stoel Rives, LLP

“I personally think Wayne Cozad and Carolyn Magura are some of the finest people you could have the opportunity to do business with today. They are extremely loyal to their convictions and dedicated to their cause. They understand the problems facing companies today and are not afraid to make the tough decisions that get the job done. I have had the pleasure of working with them for over five years and expect to work with them again in the future.”

Frank J. Foti, President & CEO, Vigor Industrial, Inc.

“Anyone who has the pleasure of working with Wayne Cozad and Cube Management will be “a customer for life.” Thank you for contributing to the success of our company.

Jodi Sagor, HR Manager, Western Reliance Corporation

In the past twenty years, Tri-Lett has sub-contracted with at least as many Consultants and not a single firm has invested themselves as much, or been more accomplished. Most of all, Wayne Cozad re-energized the shop and office staff and created a buzz the company has never seen. We can not wait to work together in the future. Thank you for your patience and invaluable assistance!

Jeff Leonard, Vice President, Tri-Lett Industries, Inc

Project Summary

Tri-Lett Industries, Inc. 
Family Operated Metal Fabricator
$6 mil Annual Revenues – Family Succession Issues
Role: Interim COO
Length of Engagement: Six Months


  • Aggressively grow sales.  Attempt to quickly get the company back up to previous revenue levels. Shift one of the owners into full time outside sales role.
  • Be selective about the kind of work taken, focusing on the dollar size of each order, margins, engineering, order entry and processing issues, etc.
  • Manage expenses and cash flow.  Look for ways to cut costs and restructure payment terms and plans with customers and vendors.
  • Improve operational efficiency to produce products by looking at both structure and process.


  • The company implemented a series of operational changes and staff and wage reductions in order to align its operating expenses with the level of projected sales.
  • Reduced operational losses that had been financed by the company through the use of accounts receivable factoring, owner financing, debt restructuring and vendor debt accumulation to the point where future losses would have made it impossible for the company to continue operations.
  • Left company with an operational structure that allowed it to continue operations at a reduced level and begin to restructure the long-term debt through Chapter 11 assistance.

The Macadam Clinic
Two Partner Professional Medical Clinic
$2 Million Annual Revenues
Role: Interim COO
Length of Engagement: Four Months


  • Evaluate overall business position after a Business Manager was released for failure to perform duties leaving the Doctors exposed financially.
  • Help Partners to focus on the core business and their core competencies.
  • Build a system for better managing workflow and physician payment processes.
  • Focus on wellness management as a key service along with reducing the interdisciplinary problems associated with the doctors and insurance carriers.
  • Determine if the multi-disciplinary medical clinic concept is viable.


  • Implemented a series of operational changes in order to align the company’s operating expenses with the level of projected sales.
  • Worked with Partners to determine the ability of the clinic to support physicians at their level of compensation based on insurance reimbursements.
  • Worked with staff to develop operational efficiencies and workflow procedures to improve patient flow and physician scheduling.
  • Determined that the company (even with operational improvements) would not be able to survive as a multi-discipline clinic in today’s insurance market structure.
  • Assisted the Partners through a series of bankruptcy procedures for both the clinic and themselves that allowed them to re-emerge in more traditional-based clinical environments.

Sellwood Medical Clinic
Two Practitioner Clinic with seven support staff
New Facility Acquisition & Start-up
Role: Interim COO
Length of Engagement: Eight Months


  • Wrote business and marketing plans
  • Created operating and proforma budgets
  • Secured, remodeled, technically updated and furnished a historic facility as new clinic location
  • Interviewed, hired and trained all professional and support personnel
  • Developed marketing materials
  • Established banking arrangements and merchant services programs
  • Evaluated and implemented management information and client billing computer system
  • Established insurance carrier certifications
  • Arranged financing for capital equipment purchases


  • Established a fully functional and profitable family practice clinic serving over 1,000 patients per month

Health Touch Chiropractic Clinic
Two Practitioner Clinic with two support staff
New Facility Acquisition & Start-up
Role: Advisor/Facilitator
Length of Engagement: Three Months


  • Wrote strategic business and marketing plans
  • Created operating and proforma budgets
  • Secured, remodeled, a new clinic location
  • Interviewed, hired and trained all professional and support personnel
  • Developed marketing materials
  • Established banking arrangements and merchant services programs


  • Established a fully functional and profitable chiropractic clinic serving over 350 patients per month

Northwest College of Construction
Open Shop Trades College
Role: Advisor/Facilitator
Length of Engagement: Two Years

  • To complete initial market research on business viability of a open shop trades college
  • Provide strategic business planning
  • Create operating and proforma budgets
  • Assist the Founding Members steering committee selection and facilitation
  • Prepare and deliver Board Level presentations
  • Provide on-going mentoring and leadership


  • Completed market analysis, strategic and financial planning
  • Developed and facilitated steering committee
  • Assisted in facility site selection and funding sources
  • Launched first local open shop trades college

EID Passport
Security Systems for Military Facilities
Process Documentation and Role-out Training
Role: Advisor/Consultant
Length of Engagement: Four Months


  • Document the Company’s business development process
  • Create a business development training guide
  • Create a channel partner certification process & training curriculum
  • Write a new employee orientation manual
  • Create a facility roll-out training guide and PowerPoint presentation


  • Successfully completed all documentation.

Specialty Finishes, LLC
Conveyorized Liquid & Powder Coating Paint Facility
Relocation and Start-up
Role: Interim COO
Length of Engagement: Nine Months


  • Relocate an existing conveyorized paint line from one location to another for a new buyer
  • Establish building design and operation layout
  • Obtain necessary building, fire, environmental and business permits
  • Establish both operational and move budgets, timelines and personnel needs
  • Provide day-to-day management of existing clients and operations while new lines were installed.
  • Hire and train new plant and administrative personnel.
  • Develop marketing material and website
  • Hire and establish outbound telemarketing operation


  • Successfully installed both a Class A and Class C liquid and powder coating conveyor system on time and under budget.
  • Established outbound and direct sales operations that allowed company to meet profit objects in seven months
  • Did not lose a single customer during the transition from one location to the other while meeting all production deadlines and securing new customer accounts.

Motorcycle Importer / Distributor
Role: Interim COO
Length of Engagement: 8 Months


  • To create a nationwide distribution company for Chinese manufactured motorcycles in the 250cc engine size and under.
  • Wrote strategic business and marketing plans
  • Created operating and proforma budgets
  • Interviewed, hired and trained all personnel
  • Develop marketing materials and product data sheets


  • Made two person visit trips to China to present and negotiate joint venture agreements with the Chinese manufacturer
  • Secured, remodeled, a opened new retail location in NW Portland
  • Evaluated all inventory and received and sold three containers of products
    • Investors ran out of funds prior to completing the second round of funding. Project was terminated and operations suspended awaiting additional funding.

Ansur Saddlery, Ltd.
Horse Saddle Manufacturing Company
Shareholder Dispute
Role: Interim COO
Length of Engagement: Five Months


  • To provide strategic business planning services
  • Create operating and proforma budgets
  • Assist the Shareholders through a non-amicable buy-out
  • Manage daily manufacturing and business office operations


  • Completed strategic and financial planning
  • Manufacturing process continued without disruption
  • Partner buy-out completed

HealthCare Alternatives
Medical Management Programs / Case Management
Two Partners – Taking company to the next level
Role: Mentor/Transition Coach
Length of Engagement: Ongoing


  • To provide strategic business planning services
  • Create operating and proforma budgets
  • Assist the two partners through an amicable buy-out of one partner
  • Develop marketing materials and product data sheets


  • Completed strategic and financial planning
  • Wrote strategic business and marketing plans
  • Partner buy-out completed without legal representation
  • Assisted in regional expansion opening operations in Ohio
  • Completed a revamp of all corporate branding and marketing materials
  • Continue to provide coaching assistance monthly on business related issues