What Employers Look For In Salespeople

We’ve talked a lot about how the economy is hot right now and we’re in a full employment situation, and the fact is that what employers are looking for right now in good salespeople is having a strong “hunter” profile. There are lots of different types of sales profiles out there, but the individual who is really talented and passionate about finding and closing new business, opening new accounts and generating new market share for a company provides the most value. If you are a true hunter with strong prospecting and qualifying skills, you have the best opportunities to get ahead in your sales career. Account mangers and people who are classified as “farmers” on the sales continuum are easy to develop from within. In fact account management for handling existing business with existing customers often is a customer service role.

The true new business development professional is much harder to come by. Why is that? Because not everybody likes to spend their time hunting down new business, beating the bushes for new prospects, and cold calling into new accounts. This particular skill requires a different DNA than an account manager or farmer. A hunter’s DNA is based upon a high degree of desire for approval and a strong willingness and ability to overcome rejection as they look for new business. A farmer’s DNA is more made up around the notion of satisfying current customers and building relationships, whereas the hunter’s DNA is really about conquering the new prospect and bringing them home.

So, if you are currently looking to find your next sales position and you’re a hunter, make sure that your resume and all of your materials related to your career history strongly highlight your new business development skills. If you do, you’ll find that you’ll get the best opportunities when it comes to your career search and you will position yourself uniquely against other job seekers.

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