How To Land A Top Sales or Marketing Job (Part 1)

Couple of things that you should think about as you’re preparing for an interview with a potential employer:

First of all make sure that as you prepare for the interview, you learn as much as you can in advance about the company. What are its core markets? Which customers does it target? Who are the competitors? What is the company unique selling proposition? What is management’s vision & values? What does the leadership stand for? What is the culture about? These are all things that you should study and research prior to going into your interview.

You should also prepare questions to the hiring manager on these issues. Their answers will help you to determine the fit between yourself and the company as you explore the job opportunity, and it will demonstrate an advanced understanding of the company to the interview team. This will give you a leg up on other interviewees who don’t do this advanced preparation work. I’m amazed by the number of candidates I meet who can’t think of one intelligent question to ask about the company or the opportunity!

When you’re preparing for a sales and marketing interview, make sure that you have a clear set of responses that are prepared for standard questions, such as “what are you looking for?” “where do you see your career going?,” “give me an overview of your career”, “tell me about your achievement track record?”

Prepare a succinct profile that outlines your specific achievements and experience in the position that you’re looking to be hired for, and how those skills and experience are relevant to the exact job that you’re interviewing for. This can best be done on a sheet of paper using bullet points and can be a complementary document to your standard resume. Employers are impressed when you come prepared with a fact sheet that lines up your skills and experience with the exact criteria that they’re looking to use in order to fill a job.

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