Grow Your Own Sales & Marketing People

Another way to think about recruiting new sales and marketing talent to your company is to “grow your own.” Growing your own is a longer term strategy, but it can pay great dividends for your company, particularly in a sustained long-term growth phase of your business’s life cycle. Most people want to find opportunities for career advancement and growth inside a single employer, so if your company can develop career growth paths, define them to employees and provide the training for growth inside your company, that will be very attractive to most job seekers.

If you’re going to pursue this route, you’ll need to focus on looking for candidates who have the most important skills and traits the DNA for your position, even if they lack the relevant industry or technical experience. Find talent that’s a little younger and less experienced. Attracting smart, articulate, ambitious, energetic people who are willing to learn and who desire to grow, is a great way to build your company.

We’ve had many experiences building top talent in our businesses while reaping the rewards of that investment over time. What is your company doing in this area? Is there an opportunity for you to recruit raw younger talent and groom them? Think about that as a potential strategy for overcoming the short-term problem that we all faced¦ a shortage of sales and marketing talent.

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