Packaging Yourself As a Job Candidate

Make sure that you have rehearsed and tuned your “elevator pitch” to that you can quickly describe exactly the kind of position that you are looking for, the industry, the size of company, etc. The more you focus your search criteria and your message, the more effective you will be in making a lasting impression on people you meet with. Likewise, this clarity will help them to be more effective in thinking about how to help you.

I meet lots of candidates who lack this focus in both their search and their messaging. A lot of them are very experienced sales and marketing executives who have a vast array of experience over a 15-25 year time span. Since they’ve done so many different things, they are qualified for many opportunities. Yet if they are open to doing just about anything, its hard to help them.

Even if you have lots of experience, you need to figure out what your focus is for seeking your next job. Employers and recruiters are looking for candidates who are absolutely clear about the type of position they are seeking, and they are looking for a perfect match.

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