Candidates: Focus Your Message

If you’re a sales and marketing executive, you’ve probably spent a good portion of your career developing and refining specific positioning and messaging that you’ve used for the companies that you’ve worked with with your customers, right? Well, all I’m saying here is, before you go out to market yourself, make sure that you’re properly packaged, just like any company would be properly packaged in its marketplace. What that means is that you’ve got to make sure that your marketing message is clear, concise, and lines up perfectly with what you want to be doing.
This is where a lot of executives fall down. They say, “Well, I’ll be happy to take anything in sales and marketing, I’ll do just about anything.” Again, that’s not good enough.

If you’re passion is working in manufacturing automation software, focus on that. If you are looking for a VP of business development position, make sure that’s part of your message. If you’re looking for that kind of an opportunity in a start-up or emerging growth company, make sure that’s part of your career objective as well. Instead of saying I’d take anything, approach you’re networking with, “I’m looking for a VP of business development position with a start up or emerging growth Software Company in the manufacturing automation sector.” That kind of career objective is something I can get my arms around and start helping somebody along the way to find the opportunity they’re looking for. So, make sure if you’re a sales or marketing executive to eat your own dog food when it comes to honing your own message before you get out on the search beat.

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