KC Distance Learning Doubles Lead Conversion Rates


Located in Portland, Oregon, KC Distance Learning is a leading provider of online educational programs for the secondary school market. A unit of Knowledge Learning Corporation, the company operates Keystone National High School, the largest online school in the country, and has offered powerful educational opportunities to more than 200,000 students to date.

Each month, KC Distance Learning receives thousands of inbound calls and website inquiries, all of which are fielded by its student services call center in Bloomsberg, Pennsylvania. During peak enrollment last fall, the volume of these inquiries increased dramatically, far exceeding the call center’s capacity to do anything more than respond by mailing a catalog to prospective students.

When the company’s President saw this missed opportunity, he turned to Cube Management for help in improving lead conversion rates and increasing enrollment. In record time, just four weeks after the start of the project, Cube Management deployed an outbound call center at the company’s headquarters in Portland, and took on sole responsibility for responding to each and every inquiry received.

Outbound Call Center Deployment

As part of Cube Management’s call center deployment, a number of test campaigns were implemented to target various segments: 1) prospects who came to the website, but didn’t enroll, 2) students who were no longer enrolled at the school, and 3) those who sent in transcripts without ever enrolling. The call center team was also tasked with contacting schools across the country in order to help generate a larger number of referrals.


Overall, the program was a resounding success, boosting KC Distance Learning’s lead conversion rates from 6% to 13½%. In addition to accelerating KCDL’s sales, Cube Management uncovered an effective way for the company to cut costs. By simply adding a few staff members and extending hours slightly, KC Distance Learning was able to field 92% of all calls internally – thereby eliminating the need to outsource overflow and after-hours calls on an ongoing basis. The total savings amounted to $6,000 a month.

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